Our role as court reporters

As judicial officers of the Superior Court and Commissioners of Oath we are chosen by the parties to take depositions of witnesses, as well as to certify the accuracy of our transcripts. Ever conscious of the importance of our role, we have discharged our responsibilities with the same professionalism and diligence as we have for over 40 years.

Professional services

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Taking shorthand notes for:

  • Out-of-court examinations
  • Examinations via Internet (Skype, as well as other telecommunication software),
    hands-free, videoconferences
  • Arbitrations
  • Disciplinary hearings
  • Administrative tribunals
  • Public hearings
  • Video depositions

Transcription of digital recordings

Other services:

  • Conference rooms and videoconferencing facilities available upon request.

All transcripts are available in hard copy, electronic format, CD, in varying formats:
regular, condensed 4 x 4, PDF and ASCII